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Independent as they are, cats often believe they are perfectly capable of grooming themselves and defy even the smallest well-intentioned attempts at grooming by their owners. This can often lead to funny stories but in some cases it can lead to horrifying encounters where an owner is scratched badly enough to leave a scar, or even worse, gets bitten.

Professional cat grooming at Claws and Paws takes care of this chore for you with affordable cat and kitten grooming that your feline will actually enjoy! Our expert cat groomer, Karina Greenwood, has over twenty years of experience with cat grooming and knows how to turn your cat into Michael Jackson (“I’m a lover not a fighter!”) Karina makes grooming time a treat for your favorite feline friend.

As your cat or kitten will need to be assessed before a price can be determined, we offer free consultations. Karina will let you know exactly what services your pet needs and will then provide a set price. To keep your costs down, be sure to bring in your pet without ticks or fleas. Brush out any matted hair before coming to save money!

We never use tranquilizers or sedatives to calm your pet like some salons do as these can be harmful to your pet. We use good old-fashioned expertise, care and loving to get your cat or kitten to purr! Both you and your pet will be extremely pleased with the cat grooming results from Claws and Paws!

Discover how much fun your pet can have with cat grooming at Claws and Paws in Tampa, FL! Give us a call today!

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